Blast From The Past MTG Doctor Who Commander Deck Contents Revealed

Check out each new card previewed from the Blast from the Past Magic: The Gathering – Doctor Who Commander deck

River Song
River Song, illustrated by Aurore Folny

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast and the Tolarian Community College YouTube channel, check out the entirety of the Magic: The Gathering — Doctor Who Blast From the Past Commander deck.

Ace’s Baseball Bat – Source | Adric, Mathematical Genius – Source

Alistair, the Brigadier – Source | Banish to Another Universe – Source

Barbara Wright – Source | Bessie, the Doctor’s Roadster – Source

Displaced Dinosaurs – Source | Duggan, Private Detective – Source

Explore – Source | Five Hundred Year Diary – Source

Heroic Intervention – Source | Ian Chesterton – Source

Leela, Sevateem Warrior – Source | Nyssa of Traken – Source

Romana II – Source | Sergeant John Benton – Source

Swords to Plowshares – Source | The Five Doctors – Source

The Sea Devils – Source | Three Visits – Source

Traverse Eternity – Source | Vrestin, Menoptra Leader – Source

The reprints with new Doctor Who-themed art can be seen below in screenshots from the deck reveal video.

The new Planechase cards can be seen below.

Antarctic Research Base – Source

Caught in a Parallel Universe – Source

Coal Hill School – Source

Gardens of Tranquil Repose – Source

Spectrox Mines – Source

The Cave of Skulls – Source

The Cheetah Planet – Source

The Pyramid of Mars – Source

The full Blast from the Past decklists can be seen below.

Blast from the Past Commander Deck
Wizards of the Coast
1st Place at Test deck on 10-06-2023
Magic Card Back

Magic: The Gathering – Doctor Who releases on October 13.