Beardsley, Rakdos Midrange, Wins Pro Tour The Lord Of The Rings

Roanoke, Va. player takes home trophy in first Pro Tour appearance

Dauthi Voidwalker illustrated by Sidharth Chaturvedi

Jake Beardsley won Pro Tour The Lord of the Rings in Barcelona, Spain with Rakdos Midrange on Sunday.

Jake Beardsley

Beardsley reached the Top 8 of the 268-person field as the No. 4 seed with a record of 12-3-1. Beardsley qualified for his first Pro Tour with a Top-24 finish at the Regional Championship in San Diego. He went 8-1-1 in Modern rounds with Rakdos Midrange and 4-2 in The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Draft.

Beardsley kicked off the quarterfinals with a 3-1 win over Marco Del Pivo on Temur Rhinos, who was one of three players in the elimination rounds on the third-most played deck in the event.

He then beat Dom Harvey on Amulet Titan, one of just four players to sleeve up the combo/ramp deck, 3-1 to reach the finals to face PT mainstay, Christian Calcano.

The final match of the weekend went the distance with the two splitting the pre-sideboard games as Calcano leveraged The One Ring in Game 1 and Beardsley wowed viewers by casting a Turn 3 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger thanks to Dauthi Voidwalker and Thoughtseize stealing it from Calcano’s hand.

Beardsley took Game 3 off the back of a Turn-1 Fury, killing Calcano before his Urza Tron could produce a meaningful threat. Game 4 turned out to be the most tense game of the match, as a drawn-out affair came down Calcano keeping a non-land card in hand when he was at two life to not die to a Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger trigger. As grueling as Game 4 was, Game 5 was over in a flash as Beardsley secured a Turn-1 Grief via Undying Malice to strip Calcano’s hand and apply pressure, backed up by a Blood Moon on Turn 3. Beardsley never needed another threat as Grief went the distance as Calcano failed to find a way to get out from under the Blood Moon or answer the Elemental Incarnation.

Beardsley took home the trophy and $50,000 in his first appearance at a Pro Tour, while also securing an invite to the World Championship and the next cycle of PTs. His win with Rakdos Midrange proved the power of the most-played deck at the event, having game against all matchups with fast clocks, disruption, and removal.

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