Animalfolk Find The Missing Calamity Beast Egg In Bloomburrow Finale

Helga and friends realize King Glarb is up to no good

Illustrated by Sam Guay

Episode 5 of the Bloomburrow story picks up with Helga and friends arriving at Fountainport. Helga suggests that she might be able to get the group an appointment with King Glarb, her former apprentice. Helga leads the group through the palace until they find one of the king’s aids, who Mabel helps convince to set up the meeting.

Helga and Mabel explain to His Moistness why they came to Fountainport, noting that Cruelclaw most likely brought the Calamity Beast egg to the city. King Glarb is unsurprised as he paid Cruelclaw to bring him the egg, which Helga reveals from behind a curtain. King Glarb wishes to control the Calamity Beast in the egg to influence the seasons and not worry about natural disasters. With control of the beast, it could fend off other Calamity Beast attacks. Helga points out all of the destruction King Glarb has caused by getting the egg and that Calamity Beasts are too dangerous to control. King Glarb then instructs Cruelclaw and his Direshades to capture the group.

The group fends off the Direshades and Mabel is able to disarm Cruelclaw. As they turn their attention to King Glarb, he summons the dragon-bird Storm Hawk and escapes via a portal he summons. As the group plans its attack on the giant creature, the Night Owl Calamity Beast appears and scares it off. Mabel realizes the Night Owl is looking for the egg and offers it to it. The Night Owl takes the egg and departs.

The group returns to Goodhill to a hero’s welcome as Mabel and the others reunite with their families. Helga asks to stay in Goodhill rather than return to her home where she feels she isn’t wanted. Ral chats with the group deciding on his next path in hopes to find Jace. When talking with Helga, she suddenly appears possessed and states, “The kings in the dark will return. The mage in blue will bring about the end.”

Helga snaps back to herself and Ral is perplexed but knows Jace is not in Goodhill. Mabel gives Ral a pair of buttons and tells him he is welcome in Goodhill whenever he wants. With that, Ral vanishes in an explosion as he continues his chase of Jace. The animalfolk are amazed, but one points out that folk can’t disappear, Ral must have made a portal. Mabel, however, knew that wasn’t the case, but keeps quiet to keep the peace.

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