Angels To Be Next Featured Theme In Upcoming Secret Lair Commander Deck

A new Secret Lair Commander deck is upon us and it has some sweet surprises!

Gisela, the Broken Blade, illustrated by Scott M. Fischer

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced a new Secret Lair Commander deck featuring one of Magic’s most iconic creature types — Angels!

Angels: They’re Just Like Us, but Cooler and with Wings is a “complete 100-card, ready-to-play Commander deck” that features “reprints, first-time traditional foils, and exciting additions,” along with fan-favorite Angels and two tokens reimagined by MTG artist, Scott M. Fischer.

Arden Angel

For the first time, Arden Angel will be getting a physical printing in this deck. Released in 2001, Arden Angel was originally included as part of the Japan-only Sega Dreamcast Cards and has been reworked slightly to fit into tabletop play. It will be legal in “Commander, Legacy, Vintage, and other Eternal formats.”

You can find a full breakdown of the deck, including the full decklist below.

  • 5 Borderless cards with new Secret Lair art by Scott M. Fischer
  • 5 First-time traditional foil reprints.
    • Angel of Finality
    • Angel of Ruins
    • Breathkeeper Seraph
    • Dawnbreak Reclaimer
    • Valkyrie Harbinger
  • 1 Traditional foil Arden Angel
  • 30 First-time traditional foil Plains with art by Rob Alexander
  • 59 Non-foil reprints
  • 10 Double-faced tokens
    • Includes tokens with new art by Scott M. Fischer: an Angel token and Spirit token.
  • 2 Double-faced display cards


  • 1 City’s Blessing // The Monarch
  • 1 Angel // Spirit token
  • 1 Angel // Soldier token
  • 3 Angel // Soldier tokens
  • 1 Angel // Warrior token
  • 1 Griffin // Warrior token
  • 1 Griffin // Ajani’s Pridemate token
  • 1 Spirit // Ajani’s Pridemate token

This drop will be available beginning August 10, at 9:00 AM PT and will cost $149.99. You can also purchase this deck as a part of the “Seven in Heaven” bundle which includes the following for $319.99:

  • Secret Lair Commander deck Angels: They’re Just Like Us but Cooler and with Wings
  • Goblin & Squabblin’ Traditional Foil Edition
  • Goblin and Squabblin’ Non-Foil Edition
  • Bad to the Bones Traditional Foil Edition
  • Bad to the Bones Non-Foil Edition
  • Artist Series: Ryan Alexander Lee Traditional Foil Edition
  • Artist Series: Ryan Alexander Lee Non-Foil Edition

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