A Compleated Planeswalker Falls As March Of The Machine Story Continues

Get a look-in on the ongoing battles in Kaldheim, Kaladesh, Kamigawa, and New Capenna

Illustrated by Leon Tukker

Episode 3 of the March of the Machine story takes us to the city of Towashi on Kamigawa, where a compleated Tamiyo is corrupting Boseiju. Kamigawa is under attack from the Phyrexians, but Kaito and Kaya have planeswalked there to fight back and attempt to save the plane.

Kaya rescues a trapped boy and his dog from a collapsing building, but they all almost fall to their demise. Kaito saves them all with his power of telekinesis then takes off to challenge Tamiyo. As he arrives at the base of Boseiju Kaito finds Nashi, Tamiyo’s son, who has scrapped together his own homemade armor. Nashi wants to talk to his mother, but when he finally speaks to her, the compleated planeswalker attacks.

Kaito does his best to defend Nashi and challenge Tamiyo, but Tamiyo gets the best of him. As Kaito dangles from a scroll, he makes the decision to cut the scroll and hope for the best when falls. As he falls, the Wanderer’s spirit guardian catches him. The emperor joins forces with Kaito to even the fight against Tamiyo.

Tamiyo makes an attempt to kill Nashi and Kaito, but the Wanderer interrupts the attack with a kami-infused sword strike of her own, killing Tamiyo with a single blow. As the planeswalkers comfort Nashi, a simulacrum of Tamiyo, which she made of herself long ago from her story, apologizes to her son. In her own words:

“I am what remains of Tamiyo—her story unending. You may think of me as her memory. Many years ago, she created me in anticipation of her death and sealed me away within a scroll until I was needed, bound with an iron ring.”

As the group looks on to the battle raging on around them, Nashi is surrounded by Tamiyo’s story.

Illustrated by Tran Nguyen

Episode 4 takes us all over the multiverse to see snippets of the battle against the invading Phyrexians on Kaldheim, Kaladesh, and New Capenna.

Tyvar is leading the charge in Kaldheim, alongside his brother Harald. A doomskar opens underneath them and they fall through along with Phyrexians and elves. When they emerge, Tyvar sees all the tribes joining forces to fight for their plane. Giants, dwarves, elves, undead warriors, barbarians, and humans are all taking on the Phyrexians — for they can continue their infighting if they survive this invasion.

Tyvar floats above with the Valkyries, surveying the battle and seeing The World Tree under siege. It appears he also witnesses compleated versions of Toski, Koma, and potentially Sarulf.

Illustrated by Bryan Sola

In Kaladesh, Pia Nalaar and Saheeli meet up as war unravels on the high-tech plane. Pia is hoping to hear word on Chandra, but takes to the sky with Saheeli. Saheeli believes the aetherflux reservoir will be under attack as the enemies are heading in its direction. There is word that Skysovereign, Council Flagship is down, but the duo continues on in their thopter.

They find a friendly captain, Baji, who is helming a skimmer with illegal weapons, but an ally is an ally in this war. Pia changes vehicles to ride with Baji, but he quickly gets impaled by a Phyrexian quill and dies, leaving Pia to take over the aircraft with no flight experience. Pia is determined to make it through the fight and see Chandra once again.

Lastly, in New Capenna, Atraxa is on the ground razing the city, but is having intrusive thoughts of her life before compleation. She turns her attention to destroying a museum and those inside marveling at the artifacts and art work. When leaving the museum, she is set off by statues of angels in a courtyard. She attempts to silence the voices in her head by demolishing them, but even after turning them to dust, the seraphs remain, watching her.

Illustrated by Chris Seaman

The episode ends with the seraphs spectating Atraxa and talking amongst themselves and with an unnamed visitor. The visitor asks why they aren’t stopping Atraxa and they respond with, “it is not yet time.”

This troubles the visitor, but it tells itself to have faith and that the end is almost here. The story ends with the visitor thinking, “You’ll know what to do when we’ve gotten there.”

Fans on Reddit believe the visitor could be Elspeth, but no one knows for sure. What did you think of the two episodes? Who do you think is the visitor? Let us know what you think in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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