Reprint Run For Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Fast-Tracked To Holiday 2023

Ravensburger confirms additional product for Disney Lorcana’s first two sets coming earlier than expected

Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor, illustrated by Nicholas Kole

Last month, Ravensburger announced that Disney Lorcana’s The First Chapter would be getting additional local game store support followed by a reprint run in early 2024. Today, Ravensburger shared with ComicBook that the timeline for The First Chapter reprint run has been moved up to the end of the year, and will also include extra product for the second set, Rise of the Floodborn.

“To address increased demand following the game’s initial launch, in September Ravensburger announced plans to reprint the first set of the Disney Lorcana TCG, The First Chapter…”. “The reprint will also include the second set of the game, Rise of the Floodborn, and is expected to be available by Holiday 2023 in North America and by January 2024 in Europe.” 

Statement provided to ComicBook by Ravensburger

While Ravensburger did not share quantitative details for the reprint run, Senior Brand Manger, Ryan Miller, stated their goal is to get “as much product into the hands of fans as possible” and that it will include both starter decks and booster packs.

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Rise of the Floodborn is scheduled to release in local game stores on November 17, followed by the wider release on December 1.

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