Full League Kit Contents Plus Four New Cards For Disney Lorcana Rise Of The Floodborn Revealed

Check out the contents of the League Kit for Disney Lorcana’s next set

Disney Lorcana has revealed the full contents of the local game store League Kits for the upcoming set — Rise of the Floodborn.

In addition to the sweet new pins and lore tracker, four new cards are also included in the Kit, and were subsequently previewed with this reveal. Check them out below!

While the lore values and strength/willpower stats are mostly obscured, we can make out the following characters:

  • Robin Hood, Capable Fighter
  • Minnie Mouse, Wide-Eyed Diver
  • Bucky, Squirrel Squeak Tutor
  • Cinderella, Knight in Training

Robin Hood is a steel-aligned two-drop character with the ability Skirmish, which allows you to exert him in order to deal one damage to [another] character.

Minnie Mouse is a four-cost, ruby-aligned character with shift 2 and evasive. She has the ability Undersea Adventure which grants a +2 bonus to her lore value when you play actions during your turn.

Bucky is an emerald-aligned two-drop with ward. The Squeak ability triggers whenever you play a floodborn character and forces the opponent to chose and discard a card from their hand.

Lastly, we have Cinderella, which is the only card with full details shown. She’s a steel-aligned 2/2 for two and quests for one lore. She comes with the ability Have Courage, which allows you to draw and then discard a card when played.

Each of these cards will be available for participants to earn at participating local game stores through Disney Lorcana League play.

Rise of the Floodborn is scheduled to release in local game stores on November 17, followed by the wider release on December 1.

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