Lorcana Song Decks Get Powerful New Item In The First Chapter

Lorcana song decks get more tools for their rapidly-developing arsenal!

Yesterday, Lorcana revealed the first card with the singer keyword. Today, we get not one, but two more “songs matter” cards! Check out Ursula’s Shell Necklace and Sebastian, Court Composer!

Ursula’s Shell Necklace is a three-cost item that is aligned with amber ink. It has the Now, Sing! ability, which allows you to pay one ink in order to draw a card whenever you play a song card. Drawing cards is consistently one of the most powerful effects in trading card games (TCGs), and with the relevant synergy pieces we’ve seen recently, decks based around songs are looking stronger each day.

The second singer we’ve seen, Sebastian, Court Composer is a two-cost 2/2 that is also aligned with amber ink. He can sing songs that cost four, quest for one lore, and be used as a resource in your inkwell. Not bad for a common!

Lastly, we have the first glimmer with no lore value — Gaston, Arrogant Hunter! Gaston is a two-cost 4/2 that is aligned with ruby ink. This muscle-head can’t quest, but he can challenge the turn he is played thanks to the reckless ability. Costing just two ink, Gaston’s four strength is great for clearing nearly any early-game characters, but with just two willpower, it’s likely he’s going down too.

Lorcana’s The First Chapter is scheduled to release on August 18 in local game stores and September 1 for mass-market retail.

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