Disney Lorcana Previews New Cards From Rise Of The Floodborn

Check our four new cards from the upcoming Disney Lorcana set Rise of the Floodborn

Over the weekend, the Disney Lorcana Twitter/X account previewed four new cards from the upcoming set — Rise of the Floodborn.

Starting off the trifecta of uncommons, Cogsworth, Talking Clock is a two cost 2/3 that is aligned with sapphire ink. Cogsworth’s Wait a Minute ability brings a new element to the game – granting lore value to characters with reckless. While a deck dedicated to reckless is likely not competitively viable, this card is already solid, and the static ability tacked on is a nice bonus. I’d expect this to be included alongside ruby, thanks to their high-quality reckless characters like Maui and Gaston.

Bounce is an uninkable, two-cost action that returns a character of yours to your hand in exchange for also returning an opponent’s. With the cards currently at our disposal, Bounce is a bit underwhelming, but it wouldn’t take much to make it a solid playable, namely more cheap characters with abilities that activate when played. For now, I think Mother Knows Best is a better option.

The Prince, Never Gives Up shows off Lorcana’s new Resist ability – reducing damage delt to him by one. He also comes with bodyguard, and can quest for two lore. The 1/3 statline is a bit underwhelming for the three cost, but paired with cards that grant strength bonuses, The Prince becomes a reasonable, midgame character that lets him compete with Hercules for the three-cost, steel-aligned bodyguard slot.

Lastly, we have a super rare — Cogsworth, Grandfather Clock. A new floodborn character, Cogsworth is a five-cost 2/5 that can be played for shift 3. He is sapphire-aligned, and comes equipped with ward, but the main draw to this card is the Unwind ability, which grants your other characters Resist +1. The combination of 2/5 body and ward makes Cogsworth difficult to answer, but throw in readying effects like Shield of Virtue or healing effects, and you have a dangerously efficient defensive card. Also worth noting, multiple copies of Cogsworth will stack the damage reduction to your other characters.

Rise of the Floodborn is scheduled to release in local game stores on November 17, followed by the wider release on December 1.

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