Courtade, Emerald/Steel Discard, Wins Disney Lorcana Challenge Chicago

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Bucky, Squirrel Squeek Tutor, illustrated by Alex Accorsi

Another Disney Lorcana Challenge is in the book! Over 950 of the game’s best players descended upon Chicago, IL to compete for the title of champion and the coveted golden Mickey promo.

Just two weeks after the inaugural Disney Lorcana Challenge events in Atlanta and Lille, all the buzz heading into the weekend had shifted to the impact a certain squirrel was having on the metagame.

What began as an unassuming uncommon from Rise of the Floodborn, Bucky, Squirrel Squeak Tutor has since taken over the top tables and become one of Disney Lorcana’s most polarizing game pieces. While just a 1/1 that quests for one lore, Bucky’s squeak ability is very powerful and continues to grow stronger with each subsequent set release. Not to mention it comes equipped with ward, making it extremely difficult to deal with before the damage has already been done.

Whether you side with Bucky or think supporting its legality is totally nuts (get it… because he’s a squirrel?), the Steel/Emerald Discard deck certainly lived up to the hype in this event.

Decklist image courtesy of InkDecks

While just two copies made the Top 8 of the event, Brian Courtade was able to go the distance with Bucky and friends. In the finals, Courtade was matched against another recently introduced metagame powerhouse – Amethyst/Emerald Bounce – in the hands of Jordyn Moore.

Decklist image courtesy of InkDecks.

Rounding out the Top 8 were two copies of Amethyst/Ruby Bounce, one Sapphire/Steel Items, one Ruby/Sapphire Pawpsicle, and an additional copy of Emerald/Steel Discard.

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