Moonshot Gives Mechanologist Class Powerful Attack Action In Flesh And Blood’s Bright Lights

Get ready to send your next attack into hyper drive

Courtesy of Legend Story Studios, check out a majestic Mechanologist attack action coming in Bright Lights — Moonshot!

Moonshot looks to play well with Maxx Nitro, as you’re going to want to have plenty of Hyper Driver tokens to get the most out of this attack action, though the actual card Hyper Driver from Dynasty will also help. The XX casting cost of Moonshot means you won’t have to spend any resources to play this attack action, but it requires having a bunch of Hyper Drivers to power it up.

Each Hyper Driver you destroy as you cast Moonshot will grant it an additional +3 attack with no limit to how many you can destroy. Once you get Moonshot stronger than 10 attack, it also gains overpower (this can’t be defended by more than 1 action card).

Who knows what other combos and synergies await Maxx Nitro and Moonshot as we are still early on in the Bright Lights preview season.

Bright Lights is scheduled to be released on October 6. Preorder a booster case of Bright Lights from Star City Games TODAY to receive your SCG-exclusive COLD FOIL Hyper Driver token while they last!