Flesh And Blood’s Round The Table: TCC X LSS Contents Revealed

Check out the new cards coming in the special product designed with The Professor from TCC

Illustrated by Simon Dominic

The Professor of the Tolarian Community College YouTube channel unveiled the upcoming Flesh and Blood product Round the Table: TCC x LSS today.

Round the Table: TCC x LSS is a new Flesh and Blood product from Legend Story Studios (LSS) containing four ready-to-play Blitz decks featuring more than 100 new cards — all legal in the Classic Constructed, Blitz, and Ultimate Pit Fight formats. The product also comes with a playmat and card archive. The decks revolve around four heroes, one of them bearing The Professor’s likeness!

All of the heroes come in rainbow foil, all new weapons come in cold foil, and all reprinted weapons come in rainbow foil. Every non-hero, weapon, and equipment card in the product comes with two copies, so players have a Blitz playset ready to go out of the box.

The product also introduces a new card type: block. Block cards are made specifically for blocking, can be pitched for resources, and are notably NOT defense reactions. This new card type will add a new layer to combat and provide an additional way to defend against cards like Command and Conquer that state they can’t be defended by defense reactions. Each deck has its own block card, take a look at them below.

Check out the new cards from the official product reveal, starting with Professor Teklovossen and some of the new Mechanologist cards.

The Professor is all about building up his mech by upgrading his armor, which then allows his weapon to become superpowered.

The new cards include powerful attack actions, including one that can attack multiple opponents at once, and the Mechanologist block card.

Melody, Sing-along is a new Bard hero, that is all about singing songs to help out the other players while making her rich with Copper tokens to cash in with powerful plays like Final Act.

Her weapon is a trusty fiddle named Jinglewood, Smash Hit.

Her songs can be seen below along with Final Act and Encore.

The Bard block card is called Crowd Control and can be seen in the group shot below with the other block cards in the product.

Brevant, Civic Protector is a Guardian that can play as the table moderator with his ability to protect other players.

Brevant has the catch of playing any number of copies of the card Chivalry, which is a free Guardian block card that can pitch for three resources. The deck comes with 12 copies of Chivalry.

Brevant pays you off for protecting other players by giving you a Might token for your heroism.

Then you can turn those Might tokens into profit by powering up your attacks. Feast your eyes on some of the new Guardian attack actions.

Lastly, Ira, Crimson Haze returns with some new tricks.

This lethal Ninja gets new cards to set up combos and make Crouching Tigers.

Tiger Eye Reflex is the Ninja block card and has ambush — meaning it can defend from your arsenal.

Check out the official article from LSS for more details on Round the Table: TCC X LSS. It will be available exclusively at local game stores, releasing on September 29.