FAB Bright Lights Previews Include Mechanologist Gem, Legendary Cards For Multiple Classes, And New Demi-Hero

Take a look at the marquee cards you’ll want to open and meet the new heroes in the upcoming Flesh and Blood set

Flesh and Blood’s 11th expansion, Bright Lights, comes out next Friday. Most of the cards have been previewed, including five legendary cards, new heroes, and more. Check out some eye-catching cards below.


The Fable from the set is another Gem, this time a Mechanologist Resource named Master Cog!

This legendary, yellow Gem can be pitched for two resources. Then you may put a steam counter on an item you control with crank. Master Cog is the eighth Gem in Flesh and Blood, and the sixth class-specific Gem following Light of Sol, Plague Hive, Blood of the Dracai, Grandeur of Valahai, and Arknight Shard.


Five of the seven legendary cards in the set have been officially and fully previewed so far. On top of the much-hyped reprint of Fyendal’s Spring Tunic from the expansion slot, there are two pieces of Mechanologist equipment and pieces of equipment for the Assassin and Light Warrior.

Adaptive Plating is a flexible piece of equipment with modular, so it can slot into any equipment zone. While Hyper-X3 is a Mechanologist head piece plays well with Maxx Nitro.

Assassins get a new arm piece in Shriek Razors with battleworn while Light Warriors get a new head piece with temper.


Bright Lights introduces three new Mechanologist heroes, including the second version of Dash — a fan favorite originally from Arcane Rising.

Teklovossen is the Evo hero, allowing you to play Evos from your banished zone and having the instant ability to play an Evo as though it were an instant and draw a card. Keep reading to see what happens when he assembles all of his Evos.

Maxx Nitro is all about going into Hyper Drive — or creating Hyper Driver tokens, that is. He can create them once per turn, giving them two steam counters, and making it so Hyper Drivers get crank, as well.

Dash is the item hero from the set, allowing you to look at the top of your deck at any time and playing a 0 or 1-cost Mechanologist item from the top of your deck as though it was an instant as long as you pay an additional resource.

Teklovossen, The Mechropotent

It also appears that another legendary card is Singularity, which happens to transform Teklovossen (along with four other Evos and your weapon) into Teklovossen, the Mechropotent.

Singularity, a censored Mechanologist Action – Construct, seen above in its Marvel variant, can transform into a special Shadow Mechanologist Demi-Hero Equipment – Evo. And the payoff for assembling your Evo suit is an absolute killing machine. By paying three resources and banishing two cards from your soul, Teklovossen, the Mechropotent attacks for six and makes your opponent discard a card. It also gives your Mechanologist attack action cards go again and counts as having four Evos equipped. On top of that it has six defense and battleworn.

Take note that each majestic Evo piece of equipment in the Evo Steel Soul cycle triggers twice if it transforms into a hero.

Flesh and Blood fans are still awaiting the majority of the marvel variants to be previewed along with the final legendary card from Bright Lights.

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