Lexi, Livewire Officially Retired In Flesh And Blood’s Classic Constructed Format

Elemental Ranger hero crosses over into Living Legend territory while Soul Reaping gets suspended in Blitz

Lexi, Livewire illustrated by Federico Musetti

Legend Story Studios (LSS) published today’s scheduled Banned & Suspended announcement, officially sunsetting Lexi, Livewire in Classic Constructed.

Lexi reached Living Legend status last month, marking the last of the adult heroes in Tales of Aria to leave Classic Constructed, joining Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity and Briar, Warden of Thorns. Along with Lexi, her signature weapon, Voltaire, Strike Twice, also exits the format. Fans of Lexi and the other heroes from Tales of Aria won’t be left out in the cold for too long, as the Living Legend format launches this month at the World Championship — breathing new life into these heroes that have had their runs of dominance ended in Classic Constructed.

With Lexi’s departure from Classic Constructed, Bull’s Eye Bracers returns to the format for other Ranger heroes to add to their tool kit.

In Blitz, one changed was made in attempt to level out Chane and the rest of the field with the suspension of Soul Reaping until the Shadow Runeblade hero hits Living Legend. This move isn’t being made to cut the legs off the hero, but to bring Chane in line with his competitors until he crosses the Living Legend finish line.

Along with the Banned & Suspended announcement, James White also announced a change to the Living Legend system in a separate article on the Flesh and Blood website. In addition to schedule Banned & Suspended announcements, there will be a weekly Living Legend check on every Monday. If a hero reaches Living Legend, they will no longer be legal in the given format the Friday after the check. This means heroes can leave the format mid-season and allow for more meta shakeups instead of waiting on a scheduled announcement.

Another change with the system is the increase of Living Legend points for particular events “to better reflect the growing prestige of some event types, and also to inject more points into the hero pool” in anticipation of more than 15 new heroes coming to the game in 2024. Check out the updated breakdown of Living Legend points per event.

Event TypeOld LL Points Per EventNew LL Points Per Event
World Championship200300*
Pro Tour200no change
Calling100no change
US National Championship100no change
National Championship with player cap ≥9640no change
Battle Hardened1040
National Championship with player cap <961020
Professional Tournament Invitational420
Pro Quest4no change
Road to Nationals4no change

Read more about the Living Legend system updates here. Read the official Banned & Suspended announcement from LSS.

The next Banned & Suspended announcement is scheduled for December 18.