Flesh And Blood’s Heavy Hitters Introduces New Kassai Hero, Keywords, And Ways To Play

Popular Warrior hero gets new version for Classic Constructed and Blitz

Kassai of the Golden Sand illustrated by Alexander Mokhov

Legend Story Studios (LSS) dropped more details for the upcoming Flesh and Blood set, Heavy Hitters, including the unveiling of a new hero — Kassai of the Golden Sand.

Heavy Hitters will feature six heroes across Brute, Guardian, and Warrior and introduce crossover hybrid cards. There will be new and returning heroes looking to make their mark in the arena. Take a look at the new Kassai in adult, young, and full-art versions.

And check out the Kassai specialization, Raise an Army!

Stack up the Gold tokens and buy an army to bury your opponent.

Heavy Hitters introduces a new keyword mechanic and combat keyword in wager and clash. First up, let’s raise the stakes with wager.

Wager is a new keyword mechanic that gives a player the option to put their opponent to a test. Action cards like Hold ’em and Money Where Ya Mouth Is lets the player choose to put a resource on the line (in these cases either a Vigor token or Gold token) with the next attack. If the attack hits the opponent, collect the token. If the opponent blocks it out, they get the token.

With the amount of combat going on in the arena, clash fits right in with the flavor of the set.

Clash is a new combat keyword that allows players to build their deck in a way to come out ahead when a card says to clash (both heroes reveal the top card of their deck. The Hero that reveals the card with the greatest attack wins). Clash also puts tokens on the line, this time Agility and Gold with Test of Agility and Test of Strength.

Heavy Hitters will also contain more weapons and equipment than any draftable set before. These will offer more flexibility than ever before in Draft and Sealed play. The set will also introduce a new way to draft, Ultimate Pit Fight Draft. This format will still use eight players, but after building decks the players are split into two four-person UPF pods. The winners of each pod will face off in the final one-on-one match.

Check out some of the common equipment heroes can use to prepare for battle.

In addition to prerelease events, Heavy Hitters also brings a new event offering in the form of Play Day. These events take place on release weekend and are a fun, low-stakes way for casual players to play and to introduce new players to the game. Local game stores that host Armory events will receive a six-card Play Day promo pack that comes with a special hero card for each hero in the set. The suggested format for Play Day is Heavy Hitters Blitz Preconstructed, allowing stores to award the players who sign up for a certain hero first the promo hero corresponding to their deck.

With the release of Heavy Hitters, a special event “Deathmatch Arena” will run throughout the set’s organized play season. The season consists of the following events.

  • Road to Nationals (February-March)
  • Pro Quest (April-May)
  • Battle Hardened
  • Professional Tournament Invitationals
  • Calling

Each hero from Heavy Hitters will earn points based on Limited event wins with that hero. The hero that comes out on top of the season-long leaderboard will be immortalized on a prize card that will be mailed to every player who notched a win with the winning hero. Multiple wins with the winning champion will net multiple prize cards.

Flesh and Blood’s 12th set will continue to utilize the Expansion Slot that was introduced in Bright Lights. The Expansion Slot will offer new content for a range of heroes and classes outside the core classes featured in Heavy Hitters. The Expansion Slot will replace a token in around one in 15 booster packs.

Heavy Hitters will consist of 255 cards split over 1 Fabled, 5 Legendary, 40 Majestic, 67 Rares, 128 Commons, and 15 Tokens. The set will also feature 10 Marvels.

Read the official announcement from LSS.