Legend Story Studios Issues Statement On Outsiders Collation Issue

Some boxes of Flesh and Blood’s latest set contain exceedingly high amount of legendary and fable cards

Riptide, Lurker of the Deep illustrated by Joseph Qiu

Flesh and Blood’s latest set, Outsiders, was released on March 24 with fans eager to open their boxes from preorders and local game stores. As players around the world cracked packs this past weekend, some found their boxes and cases contained an extraordinarily high number of rainbow foil legendary and fable cards.

Pictures and videos of fans opening “god” cases popped up on Twitter and Facebook, showing boxes with incredible legendary and fable drop rates. One such instance included a case (four boxes) containing 61 legendary cards and six copies of Plague Hive, the fable rarity card in the set.

They even posted a video opening the boxes on YouTube.

Typically, legendary cards drop at one per four boxes while fables drop at roughly one per 40 boxes. So, when players hit the jackpot like they did this weekend, Legend Story Studios (LSS), the game design studio behind Flesh and Blood, investigated what happened.

The initial findings came back Monday and it is believed that, for a short time, rainbow foil fable and legendary cards were placed on the rainbow foil common feeder. The manufacturer’s assessment said that this happened for less than 30 minutes of a printing campaign that ran for several weeks. LSS believes that if the error occurred for the entire 30-minute period, it would result in an increase of 1.6 percent more rainbow foil legendary and fable cards being released above what was intended for global release. However, LSS doesn’t think the error lasted that long and it is more likely that only .4 to .8 percent more rainbow foil legendary and fable cards were printed.

Notably, this error didn’t impact the drop rates of cold foil cards, leaving the most sought after and collectible versions of these cards at their desired rarity. LSS also doesn’t believe this error will result in lower drop rates for the affected cards printed outside the impacted window. LSS will work with its manufacturer to prevent future problems like this from happening, but it is ultimately relieved that the scale of this problem wasn’t larger.

Check out other images of Outsiders boxes and cases producing spectacular pulls below.

Read the official statement from LSS.