Flesh And Blood’s Blitz Update Bans Drone Of Brutality Again

Ban comes with a few other updates to the Blitz format

Oasis Respite illustrated by Mateusz Wiśniewski

Legend Story Studios (LSS) announced an update to the Blitz format on Tuesday following an experimental Skirmish season.

Bryant Gottlieb detailed the changes coming to Blitz after a successful Skirmish trial run that will improve format health heading into Blitz events in Las Vegas, Florence, and Portland. The three adjustments are:

  • Drone of Brutality is banned
  • Presented deck size at the start of a match will return to 40 cards
  • Decklist will include 1 young hero and up to 52 cards, including main deck cards, equipment, and other cards that make up your inventory (arena cards)

The expansion to Blitz decks’ inventory was found to be incredibly well-received and healthy to the format. Players now have access to bring more cards for situational matchups, both in terms of cards that go in the deck and more varied equipment. This allows more decks to thrive, even Kano, as evidenced by a robust suite of heroes earning double-digit Living Legend points during Skirmish Season 7. The metagame is wide open and almost any hero can succeed in the format now.

LSS is reverting back to 40-card deck size after finding the uncapped deck size didn’t do much to change deck building, even with regards to decks that planned to win via fatigue. Staying at exactly 40 cards will simplify deck presentation and help players avoid breaking any rules on accident.

Lastly, Drone of Brutality is banned. Its short-lived return to the format proved to be too repetitive and was a must-include in any control deck, leading to less diversity in deck building. The card doesn’t highlight the best of Flesh and Blood and LSS believes the extended inventory slots will allow players to tech for certain matchups and utilize other defensive tools. This banning isn’t considered an emergency ban according to Gottlieb. There will still be the scheduled banned and suspended announcement on September 19.

Read the official update article from LSS.