Flesh And Blood Previews Prism, Advent Of Thrones And Vynnset

Take a look at two young heroes from Dusk till Dawn

Prism, Advent of Thrones illustrated by Livia Prima

Two new young heroes from Flesh and Blood’s Dusk till Dawn were previewed this morning. Check out Prism, Advent of Thrones and Vynnset!

Here’s a screenshot from the video unveiling the new version of Prism and the next Shadow Runeblade hero.

Prism, Advent of Thrones is a Light Illusionist with 16 life and once again cares about her soul. When you put a card with “Herald” in its name into Prism’s soul during an action phase, you may search your deck for a figment and put it into the arena. What is a figment? We’ll have to wait and see what they are.

Vynnset is a 20-life Shadow Runeblade hero that starts each turn with you banishing a card from your hand to create a Runechant token. Then, whenever you play a Shadow non-attack action card, you may pay a life to make the next Runechant effect that would deal damage unable to be prevented.

Check out the cold foil versions of the cards below.

Preview season for Dusk till Dawn starts on June 30. Players can win cold foil versions of the young heroes at the set’s prerelease events.