Flesh And Blood Banned & Suspended Update Targets Blitz

Wizard classes lose some cards in Blitz, but get back key piece of equipment

Hypothermia illustrated by Alexis Susani

Legend Story Studios (LSS) released a scheduled Banned & Suspended announcement today, removing three cards from Blitz while adding a fan-favorite piece of equipment back to the format.

Aether Wildfire was banned from Blitz and Aether Icevein and Hypothermia were suspended. Hypothermia will return to Blitz once Iyslander reaches Living Legend while Aether Icevein is suspended at least until the next B&S on January 30.

With these bannings and suspensions targeting Iyslander, and mainly Wizards, LSS is reinstating Storm Striders to Blitz, giving Kano new life in the format.

Action was taken in Blitz following the World Championship this past weekend, where Iyslander was both popular and successful despite being kept in check by Prism. Iyslander made up 30 percent of the World Championship field in the format, and put four copies in the Battle Hardened Top 8 in San Jose, California.

Classic Constructed, on the other hand, will remain untouched after great hero diversity and balance at the World Championship and CC Calling on the weekend.

The next B&S update is scheduled for January 30, 2023.

Read the official announcement from LSS.