Flesh And Blood Crossover With The Professor Coming In September

Round the Table to feature four Blitz decks and more than 100 new cards

Illustrated by Simon Dominic

Flesh and Blood players got a first look at an upcoming crossover product featuring The Professor of the Tolarian Community College YouTube channel Wednesday.

A listing from ICv2, an online trade magazine, shows the Round the Table: FAB x TCC product from Legend Story Studios offering four Blitz decks with more than 100 new cards, a 24″ rubber playmat, and a 1,000-count storage box for $69.99 MSRP.

The four Blitz decks are set to be released on September 8 and could be a new way to introduce players to Blitz or Ultimate Pit Fight (Flesh and Blood’s multiplayer format). It’s unclear whether the new cards will be legal in all formats or specific to Blitz or just UPF.

The Professor looks to be getting his own hero card as a Evo mech while other heroes include a Bard named Melody and a Guardian named Brevant.

The Professor also confirmed the product on Twitter, showing off the art from the front of the box used in the magazine listing.

You can see the full image of The Professor below, illustrated by Simon Dominic.

According to LSS and The Professor, more details on Round the Table will be coming soon.