Belittle, Winter’s Wail, And More Affected By Flesh And Blood Banned And Suspended Update

Big changes are coming to Flesh and Blood at the end of this month.

Oldhim illustrated by Alexander Mokhov

Today’s Banned and Suspended update for Flesh and Blood impacts four cards in the Classic Constructed format.

Beginning January 30, 2023, the following cards are either banned or suspended.

  • Belittle is banned
  • Winter’s Wail is banned
  • Amulet of Ice is suspended until Iyslander becomes Living Legend
  • Hypothermia is suspended until Iyslander becomes Living Legend

Despite the latest ProQuest season having healthy hero representation, Oldhim, Iyslander, and Fai proved once again they are top dogs and are creating a less than ideal metagame. In order to detract power from the Ice heroes, Winter’s Wail is banned, while both Amulet of Ice and Hypothermia have been suspended until Iyslander hits Living Legend.

With Winter’s Wail gone, FaB expects Oldhim decks to maintain a metagame presence, mainly due to favorable aggro matchups, but will likely require significant adaptation on part of the players. In the case of Hypothermia, the card is simply too powerful against heroes like Briar, Dash, and Fai who rely on bestowing go again on their attacks. Likewise, Amulet of Ice has proven too flexible, providing a late game win condition while being good against both control and aggressive strategies.

The decision to ban Belittle was made in order to promote more diverse foundations for aggressive strategies and to prevent Fai from dominating in place of the weakened Ice heroes. Belittle and Minnowism have been prominently featured in Fai, Viserai, Briar, Katsu and removing the Belittle engine from the format implores players to find new go-to’s for their go-wide strategies.

While not directly impacted by this B&S update, Crown of Seeds is being observed for the time being, as FaB wants to avoid banning Legendary cards if possible.

The next scheduled Banned and Suspended announcement is scheduled for March 20, 2023.

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