AuthorZvi Mowshowitz

Hall of Famer Zvi Mowshowitz is widely considered one of the world's best deckbuilders and players, a rare combination. He Top 8ed four Pro Tours, winning two, and eight Grand Prix, winning two. He tests with Team SCG when he's not busy with his day job.

Feature Article – Drafting Levelers in Rise of the Eldrazi

The StarCityGames.com Open Series comes to St. Louis!
Tuesday, June 22nd – In the draft portion of Pro Tour: San Juan, Zvi was ready to force Blue/White Levelers come what may. Today, he explains his thoughts behind such a strategy, and shares both drafts from the PT to showcase how strong the deck can be, and how a bad draft can be rescued.

Feature Article – Beastmaster in Block Constructed: Playing The Deck

The StarCityGames.com Open Series comes to St. Louis!
Monday, June 14th – Last week, Hall of Famer and Constructed legend Zvi Mowshowitz shared the creation process of his format-defining Beastmaster deck in Zendikar / Rise Block Constructed. Today, he moves away from the creation of the deck, and instead focuses on playing the thing, including comprehensive sideboard notes for all the top matchups!

Feature Article – Rise of the Eldrazi: Mana

The StarCityGames.com Open Series returns to Atlanta!
Friday, April 16th – With Standard facing a revolution come this weekend, Zvi Mowshowitz examines what Rise of the Eldrazi offers the Constructed mind. Today, he takes us through the mana available with the new set, looking at how the new cards will impact deck construction in the coming weeks and months.

Feature Article – Selecting a Deck: A Case Study

The StarCityGames.com Open Series returns to Atlanta!
Wednesday, April 7th – While perfect play and mental strength is desirable, it’s impossible to win a Constructed tournament without picking the correct deck to play. Today, Zvi Mowshowitz takes us through a collection of interesting points we should consider when sleeving up our weapon of choice.

Feature Article – Using Your Time Wisely

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Wednesday, March 31st – With Magic information so readily available, and with multiple-format tournament weekends occurring across the world, Zvi Mowshowitz explains how we can maximize our potential though expert time management. If you’re forever leaving your deck choice until the very last minute, this is the article for you…

Feature Article – Mythic: Versus Jund

Wednesday, March 17th – With Jund proving to be a perennial player in the current Standard metagame, news of its demise has been greatly overstated. To combat the Cascading menace, Zvi Mowshowitz revisits his popular Mythic strategy, and walks us through everything we need in order to bring the giant elephant to its knees. Unmissable stuff!

Feature Article – Mythic: Matchups

StarCityGames.com Open Series: Indianapolis on March 13-14
Tuesday, March 2nd – Last week, Magic Legend Zvi Mowshowitz discussed the creation and card choices of his powerful Standard creature-based Mythic deck. Today, he shares his comprehensive sideboard plans for a plethora of important matchups, and presents a bounty of excellent advice across the board.

Feature Article – Mythic: Origins

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Friday, February 26th – Hall of Famer and Constructed powerhouse Zvi Mowshowitz returns to StarCityGames.com with an in-depth exploration of his latest Standard creation: Mythic! The deck powered multiple players into Day 2 play at PT: San Diego, and it’s poised to make another big splash at the StarCityGames.com Open this weekend in Richmond!

R/G Aggro in Standard – Why Jacob Van Lunen is the Man, And Everyone Should Know It

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Wednesday, June 4th – Magic Legend Zvi Mowshowitz brings us the deck that he believes is the current Best Deck in Standard. Designed by Pro Tour winner Jacob Van Lunen, the deck posted fantastic results in Hollywood across the board. This exceptional article reveals the genesis of the deck, and presents us with comprehensive strategic advice and sideboard plans, all in perfect time for Regionals this coming weekend…