AuthorZach Thorp


Feature Article – Redefining a Moniker, Part 2

The deck that most casual players will gravitate towards, and in my experience stick with the longest, is the Medium Aggro deck. In part this is because so many cool linear mechanics like Tribal come out, largely spread across the full casting cost range (yes, it goes beyond 4). It’s fun enough to play in a slower format like Limited, where there’s almost no way to avoid playing it, and is relatively forgiving.

Feature Article – Redefining a Moniker, Part 1

If you’re like me, you’ve gone through various stages in your Magic career. You likely started out as a random scrub, impressed by the power of a Dragon Whelp but willing to trade it for some Jumps. Gradually you fine-tuned the rules and became more competitive, until either all the local players left or you were happy where you were. In time, you also likely discovered that you had an affinity for a particular color or play style. In my case, the style was the mid-range U/G deck. Over the years since Fallen Empires, I found I had built far too many of these decks, and all those Walls of Blossoms and Ertai, Wizard Adepts were starting to run together. So I set myself a simple-sounding project…

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