A homeless five-year-old prodigy assembled a computer out of a discarded Furby, a defective 2400 baud modem, and a donated Lite-Brite. With pirated copies of Microsoft Paint and Notepad, he made a name for himself on the Internet as "Yawgatog", master of Microsoft Paint and Notepad. These are his stories.

Selecting 10th Edition – Kird Ape!

Stating the case for the mighty Kird Ape, in place of the scheduled Ben Bleiweiss, is the irrepressible Yawgatog. There’s no doubt that Red needs a marquee one-drop in 10th Edition… will Yawg’s stirring speech fire up the band for the Damn Dirty Ape, or will it be a case of Too Much Monkey Business? Kird Ape or Mogg Fanatic… You Decide!

Yawgatog’s Writing Year in Review

It took a little while, but we finally convinced the purple atog to give writing another chance. As usual (and regardless of topic), his work does not disappoint.

SCG Daily – R&D Secrets Vol. 1

At this point you all want to have Yawgatog’s babies anyway, so I’ll save the intro schtick and just tell you that today’s send-up of Baron Longscythe is a doozy.

SCG Daily – Exploring Could-Havnica

We’re used to hard workers here at Star City, but Yawgatog is officially insane. Check out his latest parody of the big boys today where he takes on new MTG.com superstar “Pat Robotta”.

SCG Daily – Passing the West Wind

Yesterday’s article by Hark Blowswater was one of the most widely read Humor articles ever featured here on Star City. Can today’s installment of Yawg’s Daily top even that?

SCG Daily – The Gimmick Combine

Fantastically talented Premium chop artist Yawgatog takes the reins of the Daily this week and proves that he’s nearly as funny and amusing with the text as he is with the images. You would have to be a fool not to read SCG Daily this week.