SCG Daily – A ROFL Walkthrough

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A ROFL Walkthrough

Agent BennieAgent Bennie
Into the !ERROR!
Thursday, October 14, 2005

This image is brought to you by the letter A.s you read this, the beta test for Ravnica: City of Guilds on Magic Online continues. I am lucky enough to be part of the set’s testing crew, and I have been given the go-ahead to give you the inside scoop on what Ravnica will bring to MTGO.

In response to concerns that beta testers had an unfair advantage over other online players and to help test more interactions between the new set and those sets nobody normally plays, drafts on beta follow some more unusual formats. Rather than Ravnica-Ravnica-Ravnica, which we’ll all get to enjoy next month on the MTGO Live!, the beta server has hosted booster drafts of Legions-Mirrodin-Apocalypse-Onslaught (held before the Ravnica prerelease) and, most recently, Ravnica-Odyssey-Fifth Dawn-Legions.

Once a group of eight eager drafters joined the ROFL queue, we were ready to go. However, the game was silent, not sending us to a table until after a ninth drafter had joined the line. It seems that the draft accepted all nine players, with the ninth standing at the head of the table. I didn’t even know avatars could do that! I checked with an adept and found that this was a known bug, then took a look at my first pack:

Ravnica pack

The pack, from upper-left to lower-right, contains: Terraformer, nogroG eht fo ezaG, Goblin Spelunkers, a hot pink Sadistic Augermage, Scatter the Seeds, an upside-down premium Clinging Darkness, Shred Memory, Pikachu, Golgari Brownscale, Elves of Deep Shadow, a face-down mystery card, Cleansing Beam (with a Ravnica booster pack for art), Moldervine Cloak, Auratouched Mage, an Island in the rare slot, and an invisible red-bordered card. Something fishy is going on here.

While Pikachu would be a strong pick in RRR draft, I didn’t think the same was true for ROFL, so I took the face-down mystery card. I hope it’s not a booby prize. I also asked an adept about the hot pink Sadistic Augermage, and that also turned out to be a known bug; it was supposed to be deep purple.

I rounded out my face-down cards deck with a late pick Axelrod Gunnarson in Ravnica and several morph cards from the Onslaught and Legions packs, as well as a splash of some strong Pokémon from Fifth Dawn.

Here’s how I ended up building my deck:

ROFL Draft Deck by Agent Bennie (Intothe!ERROR!)

Main Deck

40 cards


16 Seafarer’s Quay

16 land

5 Wooper

5 Pokémon

20 Shadow of Doubt

-1 Warp World

19 other spells

32728 Vindictive Mob

32728 sideboard cards

I’m not sure how that happened.

I would include game reports here, but my computer started to sizzle and the power supply burst into flames as soon as the first game started. After purchasing a new computer, computer desk, computer room, and computer house, I asked an adept about the problem. This was a known bug.

Deck of the Week – Trial Server

In order to experience Magic Online from all perspectives, I logged in to the trial server and played a few games (to a solid 3-3 record.) Eventually, I found Guest1205481 with an impressive mono-white aggro deck.

MTGO handle? Guest1205481

Real name? Guest One Million, Two Hundred Five Thousand, Four Hundred Eighty-One

Age? 13

Where do you live? usa

How long have you been playing Magic? i duno my freind showed me

How long have you been playing MTGO? wat does dat mean?

Magic: The Gathering Online. o i just started

What’s your favorite online format(s)? green i guess

What is your favorite color? didnt u just ask that lol?

What is your quest? lol wat do u mean. my freind sez to say i seek the grale

Do you play Trial Server a lot? no i just started but if i get more theme decks i might play more

Do you think there is a defined metagame for Trial Server? lol wat?

On the Trial Server, what decks do you see? o i guess i see red, blue, white, black and green decks

Have you played in any Trial Server premier events? haha u keep asking questions let me ask some. wat is a premier event?

I’ll take that as a “No.” lmao ok XD

What do you think of Trial Server so far? i guess its fun

“Army of Justice” by Guest One Million, Two Hundred Five Thousand, Four Hundred Eighty-One (Guest1205481)

Main Deck

60 cards


16 Plains

16 land

3 Angel of Mercy

3 Crossbow Infantry

1 Ballista Squad

1 Infantry Veteran

2 Master Decoy

1 Phyrexian Hulk

1 Skyhunter Prowler

2 Suntail Hawk

1 Venerable Monk

2 Veteran Cavalier

17 creatures

1 Angel’s Feather

1 Chastise

1 Glorious Anthem

1 Mending Hands

2 Pacifism

1 Righteousness

7 other spells

0 sideboard cards

After a bit of investigating, I discovered that Guest1205481’s deck has already been given an extensive review and strategy guide right here. Be careful when you play the deck; it packs quite a wallop!

Tips & Tricks

OnlyShellWillFillYourFord dropped me the following helpful tip:

You can use the e-mail address and real name fields of your personal profile as additional lines for a clever quotation or to help you remind yourself what packs you owe other people, and what packs other people owe you! Also, I bet Bennie doesn’t even read this. Here, if this shows up in his column, I guarantee that he doesn’t read more than the first few words of these tips before posting them. Bennie is soooo dumb he tried to type “I” and misspelled it. Zing! Take that, Bennie! That’s what you get for not reading this! Also, he stinks. Oh, he probably reads the last few words, too. …and don’t forget to release the shift key when you’re done!

Thanks, OnlyShellWillFillYourFord!