AuthorWyatt Darby

Wyatt Darby began his amateur career by drawing comparisons to a generic brand Michael Majors, and with his victory at Pro Tour Dominaria secured his place as a rising talent in the professional scene. He hopes to be an excellent ambassador for the game and one day challenge Reid Duke as the nicest player on the Pro Tour.

Your Full On Esper Midrange Primer

It’s not the strategy everyone had as dominating going in, but this deck is for real! Wyatt Darby has his updated list, sideboard guide, and more from the archetype that may be playing more fun Ravnica Allegiance cards than any other at SCG Baltimore!

The Mono-Green Aggro Primer

Pro Tour Champion Wyatt Darby is ready to pounce on the shrinking metagame share of Bant Nexus! Green aggro is still a viable Standard strategy at SCG Dallas…if you know how to pilot it!

Pro Tour Dominaria: *1st!*

The Pro Tour Dominaria champion shares the making of his Mono-Red Aggro deck, his sideboarding strategy, and his thoughts on that much-discussed final turn!