AuthorVS Live!

VS Live! is the next evolution of live Magic content. Star City Games pros stream their testing live and interact with you, the viewer, every week on Twitch and on StarCityGames.com

All The Standard You Can Handle!

Todd Anderson and Ross Merriam know you need more entertainment and information before you enjoy a great time at Sunday’s Classic at SCG Charlotte! Here goes!

Golgari Gauntlet!

Golgari Midrange has emerged as Standard’s front-runner. Ross Merriam tests Mono-White Knights, Selesnya Tokens, and the mirror against the midrange master himself: Brad Nelson!

The Standard Golgari Gauntlet!

SCG Dallas has a big Standard Classic this weekend, and two of the best in the biz want to get you ready! Join Brad Nelson and Todd Anderson as they test the various Golgari decks against all tier one comers!

Guilds Of Ravnica Triple Play

Todd Stevens played Selesnya Tokens on VS Live! against Brad Nelson and then took the archetype to the finals of SCG Columbus! Relive the action, plus Modern and Legacy!

Guilds Of Ravnica Standard Is Here!

Whether you’re SCG Columbus bound or you’re preparing for other new Standard events on opening weekend, Todd Anderson and Todd Stevens are happy to present some of the most entertaining testing you’ll see!

Guilds Of Ravnica Standard Brews!

Three matches, one page! Catch up with Todd Anderson and Ross Merriam as they try out Turbo Surveil, Naya Tokens, Izzet Spells, and more in the new Standard!

Selesnya Tokens VS Dimir Midrange

With SCG Columbus coming up, get a head start on the new Standard format with Ross Merriam and Todd Stevens! Which Guilds of Ravnica cards will perform best?

Grixis Control VS Sultai Midrange

Want to see what you missed on the new VS Live? You’re in luck! See the Guilds of Ravnica fun you’re missing out on with Todd Anderson and Brad Nelson!

Mono-White Knights VS Izzet Wizards

The coast is clear to try out some new tribes that are due for Standard breakout success in Guilds of Ravnica! Todd Anderson and Brad Nelson do just that in this edition of VS!

Izzet Amulet VS Golgari Midrange

It may be the best place to see Assassin’s Trophy in action this early on! Is it as good as advertised? Todd Anderson and Brad Nelson visit Ravnica!