AuthorVS Live!

VS Live! is the next evolution of live Magic content. Star City Games pros stream their testing live and interact with you, the viewer, every week on Twitch and on StarCityGames.com

Pre-Season Two Invitational Modern Gauntlet!

In a preview of the Modern action at the Invitational, Ross Merriam and his SCG Baltimore-winning Izzet Phoenix deck face a gauntlet of Bant Spirits, Grixis Death’s Shadow, and Jeskai Control piloted by special guest Ryan Overturf!

Are These Standard Decks Good Enough To Win SCG CON?

If you only have a few hours to prepare for SCG CON this weekend, this might be the one! Most recent SCG Open Winner Ross Merriam brings in Brad Nelson (fresh off a top 8 of his own) to figure out the best of the best for Standard!

The Charm City Modern Metagame!

Get ready for SCG Baltimore and SCG CON by watching Todd Anderson and Ross Merriam battle with six Modern decks! What looks strongest for this weekend … and the one immediately to follow?

Mono-Blue’s Toughest Test!

Mono-Blue Aggro has been hanging out on the fringes of Standard for a while, and Brad and Todd have had enough! They want to know once and for all if it can hold its own!

Boros VS The World!

There’s still debate a week later: Is Boros really that good? Or is this the result of Limited skewing the picture of the format? There’s no time to lose! Ross Merriam and Brad Nelson figure out the Standard picture for SCG Vegas here!

Modern Six-Piece Combo Pack!

Considering combo decks for the Modern portion of SCG Vegas? Todd Anderson and Ross Merriam show off six of the best on VS Live!

Pro Tour Guilds Of Ravnica Preview!

Todd Anderson and Ross Merriam are excited to pick up six of the big contender decks many expect to see at the top tables on the Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica stream! Will this new installment of VS Live! show us the top strategies?

SCG Regionals Modern Prep!

SCG Regionals is coming up this weekend, and Modern is the name of the game! Todd Anderson and Ross Merriam put several decks together to give you, the viewer, an advantage over the field!

Not Your Standard Sibling Rivalry!

Move over, Urza and Mishra! The real Brothers’ War happened when Brad Nelson and Corey Baumeister battled in three rounds of Standard…including a throwback to their Open-winning days!

Winning Deck Stays, Losing Deck Walks!

The VS Live! crew amused themselves with a little cutthroat play in Standard! See the competition in all its glory right here with Todd Anderson and Brad Nelson!

The Dredge Gauntlet!

Ahead of SCG Charlotte, Ross Merriam pilots Modern Dredge against Brad Nelson’s gauntlet of Eldrazi Tron, Bant Spirits, and Four-Color Death’s Shadow!

All The Standard You Can Handle!

Todd Anderson and Ross Merriam know you need more entertainment and information before you enjoy a great time at Sunday’s Classic at SCG Charlotte! Here goes!

Golgari Gauntlet!

Golgari Midrange has emerged as Standard’s front-runner. Ross Merriam tests Mono-White Knights, Selesnya Tokens, and the mirror against the midrange master himself: Brad Nelson!

The Standard Golgari Gauntlet!

SCG Dallas has a big Standard Classic this weekend, and two of the best in the biz want to get you ready! Join Brad Nelson and Todd Anderson as they test the various Golgari decks against all tier one comers!