AuthorTom Martell

Tom Martell is a Platinum level pro player and a team captain of Team StarCityGames.com. He won Pro Tour Gatecrash, made Top 8 of PT Paris, 1st at GP Indianapolis 2012, 2nd at GP Columbus 2010, and multiple strong finishes at the Pro Tour. He's known for his Legacy prowess and his love of streaming.

Sealed At Grand Prix Toronto

Pro Tour Gatecrash winner Tom Martell is back with an in-depth look at how he built his Theros Sealed pool at Grand Prix Toronto last weekend. Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Video: Esper Stoneblade In Legacy

Learn how to play one of Legacy’s most popular and successful decks as you watch two-time Pro Tour Top 8 competitor Tom Martell pilot Esper Stoneblade in a Legacy Daily Event.

Pro Tour Firsts

Pro Tour Gatecrash champion Tom Martell tells the tale of how he was able to take down his first Pro Tour with the help of #TeamSCG.

Crashing Gates, Changing Scenes

Look who’s on StarCityGames.com! Tom Martell is joining SCG Premium and will be bringing you regular Draft videos and the occasional article. Watch for him and his team (#TeamSCG) at PT Gatecrash.