AuthorToby Wachter

Toby has been writing for Magic sites for the past five years. Besides being one of the most recognizable writers on the internet, Toby has played in the Junior World Championships both years eligible, earning thousands of dollars in scholarship. He also has numerous Pro Tour appearances.

The Hidden Battle: The Wachter Deck In Extended?

Randy Buehler, says,”You have no idea how happy we were when you won that tournament with Battle of Wits. When we made the card, we were like, ‘This is a card that won’t look like much – but someone will win a tournament with it, other people will try it and lose, and that’ll be about it.'” They were wrong.

My Penance

The Reverend sees the light and takes up the torch! Yes, Rizzo and Wakefield were the best writers ever… And Wachter must follow, showing off his dogs, his music, and beating the crap out of Zev Gurwitz! Possibly the funniest Magic article ever, though it’s not for the easily offended.