AuthorStephen Menendian

Stephen Menendian was the 2007 Vintage World Champion and the Season 1 Vintage Super League Champion. He's also the author of "Understanding Gush: Strategies and Tactics."

So Many Insane Plays – Pounding Your Opponent Into The MUD

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Tuesday, June 15th – MUD, or Mono Brown, has been a Vintage staple for a fair few years. However, while a number of the strategy’s core cards are the same, there is a surprising variety between the separate builds. Today, Stephen Menendian presents a comprehensive look at one of the more aggressive options in Magic’s Broken Format.

So Many Insane Plays – Five Cards to Unrestrict in Vintage

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Tuesday, June 8th – Each June for the last three years, the DCI has made huge changes to the Vintage format by altering the Banned and Restricted list. Today, Stephen Menendian makes the case for unrestriction for five cards, each of which he believes will only add to the fun that is Magic’s most broken format. Do you agree with his choices?

So Many Insane Plays – I’m a Landlubber: The Land Deck in Legacy

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Monday, May 17th – The current Legacy metagame is brimming with playable options, as befits a format with an explosive card pool. Of course, there are some decks that rise to the top… One such deck is Lands, an uncommon strategy based around the most simple of resources. Stephen Menendian analyzes what’s needed to master the archetype.

So Many Insane Plays – Eldrazi in Eternal: A Legacy Set Review

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Monday, April 26th – Legacy, it seems, has never been so popular. With events such as the StarCityGames.com Legacy Open events occurring throughout the year, interest in this Eternal format is at an all-time high. Today, Stephen Menendian examines the Rise of the Eldrazi cards that are likely to make a splash in Legacy, before updating his comprehensive Legacy Playable cardlist.

So Many Insane Plays – Eternal Issues

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Monday, April 5th – In today’s edition of So Many Insane Plays, Stephen Menendian tackles a number of Eternal Magic issues that are close to his heart. There’s talk on his reaction to the new Reserved List, The Legacy Banned List, Bant CounterTop, and The Myth of Power… [Editor’s Note – Due to a fine performance at GP Houston, Patrick Chapin will be here tomorrow!]

So Many Insane Plays – Six Cards To Unban In Legacy

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Monday, March 29th – With Legacy being heavily discussed at present, Stephen Menendian presents a case for six cards to be removed from the current Legacy Banned list. In each case, he suggests why the card isn’t as dangerous as it once appeared, and he provides sample decklists that include the illegal spells!

So Many Insane Plays – Reconsidering CounterTop

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Monday, March 22nd – With Legacy gaining popularity across the board, Stephen Menendian looks at the popular CounterTop strategy. He shares his list, explains some of the more esoteric card choices, and runs it through a local tournament with promising results.

So Many Insane Plays – Clash of the Titans!

Monday, March 15th – In today’s So Many Insane Plays, Stephen Menendian is in a lyrical mood. He takes us through a fierce battle between the Dark Mage (the Perfect Storm) and the Bant Mage (Oath). With detailed thought processes and play-by-play analysis, who will emerge the victor?

So Many Insane Plays – Chapin Was Right: A Legacy Result Overview

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Monday, March 8th – A year ago, Patrick Chapin made what was then perceived as a curious deck choice for Legacy. The recent results from Madrid and the StarCityGames.com Open have proved him to be correct. Stephen Menendian examines these recent high-profile Legacy tournament results, and draws some conclusions about the format going forward.