AuthorRyan Overturf

Ryan Overturf is a two-time Open champion and regular commentator for the SCG Tour, as well as a co-owner of Lodestone Coffee and Games in Minnetonka, Minnesota. A cantrip aficionado and connoisseur of value, he's always at the ready to extol the virtues of Grixis.

The 540: Pauper Cube Overview

On this episode of The 540, Justin Parnell and Ryan Overturf share everything they know about Pauper Cube, including how to draft one, the pitfalls to avoid, their personal experiences, and more.

Introducing The Artifact Twobert

An MTG Cube for two with an artifact theme? Ryan Overturf unveils his Artifact Twobert and delves into the ideas that shaped this Limited experience.

The 540: Top 5 Innistrad Cards For Cube

Justin Parnell and Ryan Overturf discuss the historical significance of Innistrad sets for MTG Cube, plus directions for building set-specific Cubes and more.

The 540: Physical Cube Logistics

Justin Parnell and Ryan Overturf discuss the physical logistics of Cube, including which sleeves and boxes you should buy, the best practices for shuffling, and how many lands, tokens, and dice you’ll need.