AuthorRyan Cimera

As an avid Extended player, Ryan Cimera made it to the Pro Tour the hard way with a top 8 finish at Grand Prix: Seattle using the Aluren combo deck. As a pro hopeful, he tested as part of the Magic Online clan with a White Weenie deck to earn a top 8 at Pro Tour: Philidelphia. Currently Ryan is working to get back to the Pro Tour once again through the Extended format.

Desire? Nevermind. GPT: Dallas with MTGO Event Analysis

In my last article I concluded by stating I would be testing a Lotus Bloom / Mind’s Desire deck for Extended in anticipation of the PTQ season, but since Worlds the deck simply became unimpressive against the masses of hate. After a bit of disappointment with TEPS before and after Worlds, I decided to see how my deck from last season that I used to Top 8 several PTQs would perform, as I still had all the cards.

Glare Force One – A Colorado Champs Report *T8*

While I was scrambling for a deck, several of my testing partners were making a big fuss about Glare being good again. As I had seen the Glare list before and liked it, I figured it had some merit and I had enough cards to at least try it, so I worked with their list that already had Spectral Force/Scryb Ranger and tested it against the gauntlet to very positive results.

Il Neige en Mai – Mono-White Control for Regionals

I’ll make my introduction short here. I have a 1900 rating that is steadily climbing. I’ve played in three JSS tournaments this season, making two second-place finishes and a third-place finish. Don’t worry – I’m not about to present another awful”rogue” deck, but rather a guide to playing the best deck in Standard, for your Regionals encounter.

Astrotog, Or: Why Spending Two Hours From Design To Tourney Is A Bad Idea

Then an idea – an evil, wretched idea – pops into my thoughts. Why not just take out red in AstroGlide, add a dash of black, and a ton of blue? I could just throw down a Slide, protect it with counterspells, draw some cards, Wrath of God, play a Psychatog, slide it out if necessary, and if I want to, Upheaval. Best of all, I could even kill on turn 6 with a decent draw.