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Richard Hagon is a freelance composer of music for radio, film and TV, a comedian, actor, musician, singer, writer and general multi-purpose walking talking entertainment system. He started playing Magic during Tempest, and has stumbled his way to various Pro Tour Qualifier victories. Harmless and allegedly humorous, he divides his time between Magic and entertainment, and as the host of moxradio he will be delivering coverage throughout 2007 as part of the Event Coverage Team.

Removed From Game – Grand Prix Madrid: When Does Big Get Too Big?

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Tuesday, March 23rd – Two thousand, two hundred and twenty-odd players turned up to make Grand Prix: Madrid the largest event in Magic history. Paris in 2008 and 2009 had told us that the two thousand barrier would eventually be broken, but it was demolished. And that caused some pretty interesting issues for Staff, Judges, Pros, dealers, casual players, Wizards, and coverage writers. When exactly does Big get Too Big? Rich wants your help in finding out. If you care in any way about a system that supports Pro Magic, this is a must-read.

Removed From Game – Pro Tour: San Diego Report Card, Part II

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Thursday, March 18th – From 105th all the way up to Simon Goertzen in first, find out who was getting their first shot at fame, who was clinging on to Pro status, who was taking their chances, who had the awesome decks, and who Rich still has no clue about! All the ins and outs of the top tables from the booth and beyond.

Removed From Game – Pro Update (Grand Prix: Oakland)

StarCityGames.com Open Series: Indianapolis on March 13-14
Monday, March 1st – With four formats in just three weekends, the 2010 season got underway with a bang. Rich takes you through event number one, the Grand Prix in Oakland that saw Extended take center stage. Featuring the best decklists from the event, including the Petr Brozek tech that took the tournament by storm.

Removed From Game – From Birth to Booth

SCG Open Richmond!

Wednesday, February 17th – I started commentating on card games in 1979. Yes, really. Find out how the ginger Brit got from birth to booth, as we stand less than a week away from Pro Tour: San Diego.

Removed From Game – From Prerelease to PTQ to Pro Tour, Part 2

Grand Prix: Oakland!

Tuesday, February 9th – Join Rich on a PTQ Pilgrimage to the tournament that matters more to more players than any other, in the quest for the fable blue envelope. If you’ve played in them, you’ll know what he’s talking about. If you haven’t, this is what’s in store on your way to the Big Show.

Removed From Game – A Last Look at Standard

Grand Prix: Oakland!

Monday, January 25th – With Worldwake looming large in our rear-view mirrors, Rich completes his series on Standard, looking at the ins and outs of Runeflare Trap, Valakut, and Vampires, with a fine supporting cast featuring Mono-White Control and Boros Bushwhacker. Get yourself ready for what’s next, by refreshing yourself on what’s now.

Removed From Game – More Fun in Standard

Grand Prix: Oakland!

Tuesday, January 19th – Thinking about taking Cruel Control, Spread ‘Em, or Open The Vaults out for a spin in the Tournament Practice room? Let Rich save you some precious moments with this stirring tale of many divorce-chances-increasing hours testing them out.

Removed From Game – Having Fun in Standard

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Monday, January 11th – Unlike some, Rich believes Standard is an incredibly varied environment right now, especially in the cosy confines of the Tournament Practice room. Join him for some tales from the virtual world of Jund filth and mono-red topdeckery. Which is probably not a word.