AuthorRich Hagon

Richard Hagon is a freelance composer of music for radio, film and TV, a comedian, actor, musician, singer, writer and general multi-purpose walking talking entertainment system. He started playing Magic during Tempest, and has stumbled his way to various Pro Tour Qualifier victories. Harmless and allegedly humorous, he divides his time between Magic and entertainment, and as the host of moxradio he will be delivering coverage throughout 2007 as part of the Event Coverage Team.

Removed From Game – Deckbuilding at the Speed of Thought, Part 2

In Part 2 of this entertaining look at the stepping stones of Block Constructed deckbuilding, Rich Hagon breaks down the selection of goodies available to us… the mechanics. If you’re fixated with Flash, transfixed by Thallids, or salivating over Storm, then this is the article for you!

Removed From Game – Deckbuilding At The Speed Of Thought

While we wait for the dust to settle from the first round of global Grand Prix, Rich Hagon takes a two-part look at deckbuilding for Time Spiral Block Constructed, starting from the very, very begining and going extremely slowly. Assume nothing, and join him on a ten-deck voyage of discovery through the nursery slopes of mono-color goodness, before throwing all decorum and good manners in the bin next time as he looks at decks that – gasp – might be good.

Removed from Game – Pro Tour: Geneva Report Card

Back from the slippery slopes of Geneva, Rich Hagon gives you the first ProTour Report Card of the year. From first to last, and missing out all the non-Pros in between, you’ll see what went down, what it means, and who you should be looking for in the months ahead. Plus, zero gratuitous mentions of Craig Stevenson. Bargain.

Removed From Game – The Stars of Pro Tour: Geneva, Part 2

In an astonishing turn of events, as the lights go up on ProTour Geneva, Rich “moxradio” Hagon concludes his rundown of the ProPlayer field for 2007. Yasooka, Mori, Karsten, da Rosa and the rest put themselves on the line for the first time. And then he invites you to do the same.

Removed From Game – The Stars of Pro Tour: Geneva, Part 1

As the Pro Player of the Year Race gets underway in Geneva this week, we join the walking, talking entertainment system that is Rich “moxradio” Hagon, as he begins an epic two-part journey through the major characters in the world of Pro Magic, and explains exactly why the Player of the Year 2007 will bear an astonishing resemblance to a certain StarCityGames.com columnist…