AuthorPedro Alvarado

Pedro Alvarado is a geek. He remembers being a young geek when he was nine and hopes to be an old geek when he is ninety. He has an unhealthy fascination with Magic the Gathering, the NBA, Data Base modeling and human decision-making patterns. He has never won an FNM but has won two PTQs and he thinks referring to himself in the third person is seven kinds of awesome.

Side Drafts Reporter: Pro Tour Prague

I recently participated in Pro Tour Prague. If you are a fan of the game, and by reading this website you demonstrate you are, you have already read the coverage of the event. If you are wondering how I did, and if that determines whether you should read this article or not, I’ll save you the time: I finished 399th. So if all you want is the tech in drafting RGD so that you’ll be a MTGO stud and embarrass your friends, go look somewhere else.

Metagaming the Draft — An Open Letter to Wizards

Wizards has databases full of wonderful information from thousands of Limited games. In the bottomless reservoir that is MTGO they hold draft pick orders, Sealed pools, maindecks, sideboarded decks, and tournament results. That just makes the little geek inside of me twitch with desire. Okay, he’s not that little… okay, he’s not inside of me… okay, I am that geek, just let me be.

Fanboy for the Pro Tour

Yes, I’ll admit it… I’m a fanboy. While I’m not really a boy – unless you define “boy” as a 28 year old with a beard – I’m most definitely a fan. You see, I like to play Magic. I’m sure my writing for a Magic website has tipped you off on that already.