AuthorPatrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan is a game designer for Dire Wolf Digital. His resume boasts four Grand Prix Top 8s, a slew of SCG Tour® top 8s (including a win), and an SCG Invitational Top 8 in Indianapolis. He is also one of the most celebrated faces in Magic commentary for his work on SCGLive.

Cincinnati Stasis

Journey into Nyx didn’t affect the SCG Standard Open in Cincinnati much…or did it? Patrick Sullivan examines the top decks and explains why a new archetype could emerge at the next Open Series stop in #SCGKNOX!

Team Sealed Tips For #SCGROA

Get ready to play Team Sealed at the SCG Classic Series in Roanoke, Virginia this Saturday by checking out Patrick’s tips to being successful in the format!

Dipping Into The Mailbag

SCGLive broadcaster Patrick Sullivan answers your questions this week, talking about game design, meeting Cedric, how he became a red mage, and more.

Shake Ups In Seattle

This week Patrick discusses the exciting new strategies that emerged in Standard at #SCGSEA which people will need to take into consideration for #SCGLA.

The Race Is On

See how the Standard metagame is shaping up and how to attack it at SCG Open Series: Seattle from three-time Grand Prix Top 8 competitor Patrick Sullivan.

Learning In The Lou

SCGLive commentator Patrick Sullivan talks about what he saw from the booth at #SCGSTL and what direction he thinks Standard might move in at #SCGATL.

Burn vs. Counters

In this week’s article, Patrick teaches you how to play decks like Burn in all formats against counterspells. Check it out before #SCGSTL this weekend!

R/W Burn In Standard

If burning people out at #SCGNJ appeals to you, join three-time Grand Prix Top 8 competitor Patrick Sullivan as he takes a look at R/W Burn in Standard!

Reflections From Baltimore

SCGLive broadcaster Patrick Sullivan focuses on Standard, using last weekend’s results to look ahead at how the format might shape up with Born of the Gods.