AuthorOmeed Dariani

Omeed Dariani is former Editor-in-Chief of www.StarCityGames.com and a former Contributing Editor for Scrye Magazine. Omeed has since moved to Seattle, WA to become part of the Wizards Of The Coast team and is currently working on the WotC Sideboard located at wizards.com

We Want A Type II Pro Tour!

You know, when you want to change something inside a system as large and autocratic as Wizards of the Coast, there are two ways to accomplish your goal: 1) Go through the proper channels. 2) Bloody revolution. Since there is absolutely no way that I’m going to storm Seattle, slaughtering WotC employees (they’ve had enough…

Literary Magic: Should It Be? (Parts One And Two)

"O Miserable of happy! Is this the end Of this glorious new world.?" Extremely literate people recognize this as a passage from John Milton’s masterpiece, Paradise Lost, one of the greatest, not to mention longest, poems in the English language. Magic players will note that this quotation appears on the Portal I . The addition…