AuthorNoah Weil

Noah Weil is an attorney who resides with his wife in Seattle, Washington. A player for over 15 years, Noah has 20 Pro Tour appearances to his credit.

My Nine Most Memorable Moments

Of course, I was prepared to play a normal match, but I got the vibe that things might be a little skewed when he dropped every land in his hand on the first turn and motioned for me to do the same. Then he attacked me with his lands. I took three. I played some guys and passed the turn. He played a Remove Enchantments and said”go.” I attacked with some creature and he played Gaseous Form to block. I complimented him on thinking outside the box.

The Savage Rule

There’s this guideline I have when I’m playing Sealed or Draft and I don’t know what to do; it’s kind of a philosophy, really. It helps in Constructed matches, and even in deckbuilding. Furthermore, I know that a lot of players who I have great respect for follow this idea. Curious? I call it The Savage Rule.

Working The Crowd: How To Use Your Friends And Audiences To Ace The Top 8

Your friends and teammates are best used for reconnaissance. For example, during a Constructed tournament, during the final rounds of Swiss play, your buddies can walk around the top tables and remember unusual maindeck or sideboard cards. During the actual final 8, there might be temptation for your pals to watch your match; instead, send them out to scout the next round’s opponent, again looking for relevant maindeck and sideboard cards. And if you want to know how to stop people from scouting you, well… You’ll have to read the article.