AuthorMichael Jacob

Michael Jacob is a former U.S. National Champion. He has four Grand Prix Top 8s to his name, a Team Worlds title, and made it to the Top 4 of Pro Tour Amsterdam. Using his Magic Online screenname of DarkestMage, Michael is at the forefront of Magic Online streaming.

Setting Up for Somerset

After #SCGStates, where does the metagame go from here? Michael Jacob reviews his recent experiences on Magic Online and puts his spin on three strong archetypes.

Video: R/W Burn in Standard

Michael “DarkestMage” Jacob plays R/W Burn through four rounds of Standard on Magic Online! Will he light up his opponents or burn out? Get his insights on the archetype ahead of #SCGNJ!

Video: B/g Devotion

Michael Jacob takes a B/g Devotion deck through a Standard Daily event. Get his thoughts on the build and settle in for four rounds of fun!

Naya Hexproof In Standard

Looking for a deck to play this weekend in Journey into Nyx Standard at SCG Open Series: Cincinnati? Four-time Grand Prix Top 8 competitor Michael Jacob recommends Naya Hexproof.

Previewing Journey Into Nyx

Check out the five Journey into Nyx cards that have piqued MJ’s interest as he evaluates their potential uses and sees if any of them can create new archetypes in Standard!

Mono-Red Aggro In Standard

See if you should sleeve up Patrick Sullivan’s Mono-Red Aggro deck this weekend for SCG Standard Open: Dallas by watching Pro Tour Amsterdam Top 4 competitor Michael Jacob play it!

The Best Of Standard

Today MJ features the seven best decks in Standard, with examples of each, their strengths and weaknesses, and some suggestions on what to tune for #SCGMKE this weekend!

Standard Alternatives

Four-time Grand Prix Top 8 competitor Michael Jacob goes over W/B Humans, Naya Monsters, and R/W Burn and whether he thinks they’re good choices for #GPCincy or #SCGLA.

Valencia, Richmond, & Atlanta

Michael tells you what he thinks the metagame might look like at GP Richmond in the wake of PT Born of the Gods and then shifts to SCG Standard Open: Atlanta this weekend.

Is Brimaz Overrated?

Prepare for Standard at the SCG Open Series in Somerset, New Jersey this weekend by reading what Michael thinks about playing Brimaz, King of Oreskos in the current metagame.

Coursing Through Standard

Pro Tour Amsterdam Top 4 competitor Michael Jacob returns to writing regularly for StarCityGames.com with an article about the potential of Courser of Kruphix in Standard.