AuthorMichael Hetrick

I’m 19 years old, from California, and I have been playing Magic competitively since Mirrodin. I top 8'd my first PTQ during that season but didn’t get my first pro points until GP Oakland earlier this year. I’ve top 8'd numerous PTQs and earned a fair amount playing in the JSS and MSS. Since then I’ve qualified and played in PT San Juan and Amsterdam but without making Day 2 in either. Now that I’ve been to 2 Pro Tours, my goal is to get there and stay there.

SCG Talent Search – The Art of Sideboarding

Tuesday, November 23rd – Sideboarding is an important skill for every mage to have – after all, more games are played with board than without! Michael attacks sideboarding from every article in his article. Read and vote!

SCG Talent Search – Expectations

Wednesday, October 27th – I made a mistake, and while it cost me any remaining chance at Top 16, I gained something that led to a great increase in my ability to win at Magic: behaving in a way that your opponent doesn’t expect creates an advantage.