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If you own an area store, and would like to receive flyers for any of the events listed below, please contact us and we’ll be happy to accomodate. All storeowners are welcome, and encouraged, to bring promotional materials (flyers, business cards, etc.) to our events so that we may distribute them.

Dealer space is available at each of our Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional Qualifiers. A dealer space costs $150 for the entire event, includes one 6′ table and two chairs, and must be prepaid by Visa, MC, Discover, Paypal(Mail us at https://sales.starcitygames.com/contactus/contactform.php?emailid=5), check or money order. Please note that we will only accept two dealers per event. No exceptions.
Please contact us via e-mail or telephone (1.540.767.4263)for more information.

Louisville, KY; Yu-Gi-Oh! Regionals
Saturday, May 29th
Holiday Inn; Airport South; 2715 Fern Valley Road, Louisville, KY 40213
Hotel Info:
Looking for a hotel? Please click here for full information on area hotels
Doors open at 8:00 AM; Tournament begins at 10:00 AM promptly.
Entry Fee:

    1st – U.S. Nationals Invite, booster box, exclusive playmat

    2nd – U.S. Nationals Invite, 12 booster packs, exclusive playmat

    3rd/4th – U.S. Nationals Invite, 8 booster packs, exclusive playmat

    5th-8th – 4 booster packs, exclusive playmat

Deck Registration:
Every player must provide us with a legible copy of their decklist. Blank decklist forms will be available at the tournament. We will also have judges on hand to check your deck and sleeves before the tournament begins. We HIGHLY recommend that players take advantage of this in order to avoid possible penalties later on.
Side Events:
Constructed side events will be offered throughout the day.
More Information:
Please read the F.A.Q. at the bottom of this page or contact us


What Are”Regional Qualifiers“? – Upper Deck Entertainment’s Premier Tournament series starts with Regional Tournament weekends. These events are open to all players and are run using the Swiss pairing format, so you can play through each round and never be eliminated. Regional Tournaments are a great place to test your new deck strategies and bring your play skills to the next level! Winners of these Regional Tournaments are awarded entry into the National Championships aimed to take place during summer of 2004. The top 8 places in each event will also win packs. Regional Tournaments are run by Premiere Tournament Organizers who have the special skills necessary to run these great events. UDE employees will not be present at most Regional Tournaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will the tournament take?
A: The tournament is a major event so plan to spend most of the day. The event will likely last until 5 p.m. (or later) and even later if you make top 8.

Q: Am I out when I lose?
A: No, we are running the tournament in what is called a Swiss format. This means you can play every single round; win or lose; but only the eight (8) players with the best
overall records will advance into the single elimination “Top 8” bracket. You have an option to drop out of the tournament whenever you want, or play it all the way through.

Q: Will I lose my cards?
A: Absolutely not. You do not duel “for keeps” in tournaments. You will keep your own deck , and all of the cards in it, throughout the tournament.

Q: Why is deck registration required?
A: Two reasons. First of all, this will prevent players from cheating by adjusting their deck to beat yours in between rounds. Second, it will ensure that you are
playing with a legal deck. This means that you are using ONLY English cards and following the Banned/Restricted card list posted on Upper Deck website.

Q: If I play in this Regional, will I be able to play in others?
A: Yes. Even if you win, you will still be able to play in other Regional qualifiers. However, should you finish in a qualifying spot AGAIN, your additional invitation will be awarded to the next eligible player. You will still be able to win product prizes.

Q: Are there any eligibility restrictions based on location?
A: No, despite the fact that it’s called a “Regional” qualifier, you are eligible to play no matter where you live.

Q: Will there be certification opportunities for Level 1/Level 2 judges?
A: Unless otherwise mentioned, judge certification testing will not be offered at this event.

Q: How do I get to judge?
A: Please contact us via e-mail, phone (1.540.767.4263), or in person.

Q: Can I just come and hang out?
A: Yes! Anyone can come and watch, we just ask that spectators do not interfere in any matches.

Q: I have a question that isn’t on the list? What do I do?
A: Please contact us via e-mail and ask. We’ll be happy to help!