AuthorMatt Severa

Matt Severa has been playing Magic for over 20 years. He's a Gold-level Pro with four Grand Prix wins and is the 2018 Constructed Master. He's a lifelong Madison, Wisconsin resident and is an integral part of its reputable Magic scene.

The Fundamentals Of R/B Vengevine

Rarely does a deck hit the scene as fast and successfully as the new Vengevine deck! Matt discusses it in detail and talks about its place alongside other Modern graveyard strategies!

Learning To Truly Play To Your Outs

Knowing what playing to your outs means is easy; it’s actually internalizing it as a skill that’s hard! Matt gives you some practice to truly show how far we can grow as Magic players!

White And The New Standard Aggro

One of the best aggro players in the world thinks it might be time for white to take over red! Or at least, co-exist with it! Get a ton of new decks that will let you go aggro all over Core Set 2019 Standard!

A Pro Transitions To Modern

Matt is happy to be putting Standard down–even though he loves it–and focusing his attention on the Modern task at hand! There’s a deck he would like to play, but there are a few problems…

Will R/B Aggro Continue To Win?

Matt Severa joins SCG with one thing on his mind: figuring out how to beat the new Standard deck to beat! Will this deck prove to be too good of an answer to Teferi and Lyra?

Mardu Vehicles Comes Full Circle

Matt Severa cut Gideon from his maindeck last weekend and got a trophy and a lot of money for his trouble! Read about why the sacred cow had to go, why he thinks the archetype might be doomed, and how he won his astounding fourth GP in two years!