AuthorMatt Kranstuber

Kranny is the co-host of the In Contention podcast, the official podcast of the StarCityGames.com Open Series, and has been playing Magic for over 15 years. Kranny has been a vocal advocate of the Cube format and active member of the Magic community. He has written a number of articles detailing various strategies and cube building principles from cube basics to more unconventional cube builds including his ever-popular Artifact, Momir, and Combo cubes.

Gatecrashing Into Cube

Kranny discusses the Gatecrash cards that are 100% going to make the cut in his cube list. Get some ideas to try out in your own cube!

Mainstreaming Modern

Matt Kranstuber offers up his thoughts on Modern and proposes changes that could be made to ensure its success as a format.

The Combo Cube

If you like Cube Draft, then Matt Kranstuber has a treat for you! Read on to find out what his combo cube is, why he built it, and to see the complete list sorted by both color and function.