AuthorLewis Laskin

Lewis Laskin is an up and coming deckbuilder on the East Coast. Traditionally a blue mage, he built the Super Friends deck and has made appearances in SCG: Open Top 8s, earning one trophy.

Inexorable Tech – It’s About Time (Spiral)

Friday, January 7th – There are tons of cards viable in Legacy now with Survival gone – Lewis is brewing up a storm and wants to play with some sweet new ones: Lotus Cobra, Time Spiral, Explore…Time to win SCG Open: Kansas City is now!

Stag ’em Up and Knock ’em Down

Thursday, December 2nd – Lewis Laskin, creator of the Super Friends deck in previous Standard, has a new brew he wants to share that includes some of his old faves, like Gideon Jura! Try it out for the Richmond SCG Open and Invitational this weekend.