AuthorKevin Jones

Kevin "The Daddy" Jones is synonymous with SCG Tour dominance. The winner of Grand Prix Montreal in 2017, Kevin has multiple series trophies, nearly a dozen top 8s, and success in virtually every competitive Magic format. He's made multiple appearances in the SCG Players' Championship for his trouble.

Where To Start With Vantress Gargoyle

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a playable Wall in Standard, but thanks to Throne of Eldraine, we just might! Vantress Gargoyle may not technically be a Wall, but Kevin Jones thinks it could serve that role and more!

Mono-Red Phoenix: Before And After Hogaak

With a ban on Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis feeling like a done deal on August 26, Kevin Jones looks at Mono-Red Phoenix as a foil to the Arisen Necropolis on its last weekend of freedom … and beyond.

The Evolution Of Azorius Control In Modern

Azorius Control may be among the few archetypes that can take on the Bridgevine decks powered up by Modern Horizons! That’s great news for Celestial Colonnade fan Kevin Jones, who shares his latest list!

How And Why I Plan To Win SCG Richmond

Week 1 of a new Standard has been kind to Kevin Jones and his teammates on the SCG Tour! He shares the decklists he’s considering that may help him continue the good fortune at SCG Richmond!