AuthorKent Ketter

Kent Ketter is 25-year-old student in Bloomington, Indiana who survives on Mountain Dew, time ruminating life in various porch furniture, and a G.I. Bill. He has made the Top 8 of four SCG Opens.

The One That Got Away

In the excitement of Grand Prix New Jersey last weekend, the results of the ever shifting Standard metagame were almost completely missed. Kent Ketter catches you up so you aren’t caught unprepared for #SCGATL!

Cracking The Whip

Kent Ketter has been working with Wayfinders and Whips for a few weeks now! Check out his recommendation for reanimating and gaining life before #SCGCOL rolls around this weekend!

Jeskai Versus Mardu: An Examination

Just as Jeskai was set to become the ultimate Standard burn-oriented deck, Brad Nelson had to top 8 a Grand Prix with Mardu! Kent Ketter compares the two options before #SCGMINN!

Something Has Been BUGging Me

Kent Ketter knows that not everyone can practice Legacy all day every day. So what do you do for #SCGATL? You read this BUG Delver report catered for the Legacy newcomer! Never know, you may learn something…

The Fun Police

Kent Ketter has a lot of things to say, and a lot of us desperately need to hear all of it. He’s going to #SCGINVI this weekend, and he’s going to win before he even signs a match slip. In this article filled with overdue sentiment, he tells you why.

The Way Of The Dragon

To prep for the Season Three Invitational, Kent Ketter is bringing back a big fellow we haven’t seen enough of as of late! Find out what Kent has in store for the big events at #SCGNJ!

The Dangers Of Partial Success

Kent Ketter tells you how easily gaining moderate success in Magic can spell the end of your quest for greater successes! He also talks Modern and Standard leading up to #SCGDAL!