AuthorJulien Nuijten

Julien Nuijten has been a member of the Dutch National Team, and was the Pro Tour Rookie of the Year and World Champion in 2004. He recently won both Grand Prix Copenhagen and Grand Prix Mexico City, further establishing himself as one of the hottest players in the game.

Invitation Voting — A Possible Overhaul

Last year’s voting process for the Magic Invitational was rife with controversy. In order to streamline the process and initiate a fairer system, Julien Nuijten has a few changes that he’d like to see…

Feature Article — Drafting With Planar Chaos

Julien Nuijten, part of the team that won this years Limited World Championship crown, brings us his thoughts on drafting with Planar Chaos. He outlines his favorite strategies, highlights some overdrafted and underdrafted cards, and shares a few tips and tricks for the coming Two-Headed Giant tournaments.

U/G Beats at Dutch Nationals *3rd*

Julien Nuijten makes up a vital part of the Dutch National team this year, a team that many are heralding as the pre-tournament favorites. Today’s article looks at the process behind the creation of his Constructed deck, and takes us through the changes he’d make and the sideboarding plan for anyone planning on running the U/G powerhouse in an upcoming Standard tournament. All this, plus Nationals tournament game reports!

Forcing Green at Grand Prix: Hiroshima

When Julien made the Top 8 of Grand Prix: Hiroshima, many were surprised to see his name at the final table. Not because of his skill at the game – we all know he’s one of the best – but because of the location. His triple-Coldsnap draft strategy is undoubtedly a strong one, as Green is perhaps the strongest color in the set. Today’s article sheds some light on his performance at the event, and shares some tips and tricks for beating down with the wobbly monsters.

Coldsnap In Limited: Artifacts and Draft Archetypes

Julien completes his look at the Limited application of Coldsnap with an examination of the Artifacts. He also runs through a number of the more powerful two-color combinations, supplying some excellent advice on picks and play strategies. While U.S. and English Nationals have been and gone (and believe me, you’ll be hearing about English Nats a lot from me…), others have still to sample the vagaries of the triple Coldsnap format. Julien’s article is a fine primer for those wishing to improve their chances.

Coldsnap In Limited: The Green Cards

ColdsnapFresh from tackling the Red cards, Julien forges deep into the pine-forests of Coldsnap Green. Sure, we all know that Ohran Viper is strong for Constructed, but does it pack a Limited punch? Does the Ronom Hulk actually smash? And are Into the North and Boreal Druid really high picks in triple Coldsnap draft? Julien reveals all…

Coldsnap In Limited: The Blue Cards

ColdsnapWhile Jeff dallies with the goblins and the machines, Julien dives straight into the Blue. Does Magic’s trickiest color have the stamina to stand up to the Reds and Greens of the Coldsnap killing fields? There are fliers, and removal spells, and a plethora of Snow Matters cards… but is this enough to shine?

Coldsnap In Limited: The White Cards

ColdsnapWith ffeJ examining Coldsnap with a mainly Constructed eye, we’ve tasked Julien with the job of examining the set from a Limited standpoint. Today he tackles the White cards, with particular reference to the triple Coldsnap draft format that features in the majority of the approaching Nationals tournaments. He identifies two clear directions a White drafter can take, and rates the cards accordingly.

My Favorite Archetype: RUG in RGD

It seems that the Holy Grail of RGD Draft is to take the Red, Green, and Blue cards. With so many of the Pros believing the RUG archetype to be the powerhouse in the evolving format, Magic’s wonder-kid Julien Nuijten wades into the battle and shares his tips and strategies for success. Julien loves the RUG offensive… maybe the color combination will work for you!

Drafting R/G Gruul

In Ravnica/Guildpact Draft, common wisdom leads people down a three-color road. Coupling two or more Guilds – one or more from Ravnica, and another from Guildpact – seems to hold quite the value. Julien, however, believes that forcing a straight two-color combination from the outset can bear delicious fruit. He shares his ideas in this detailed analysis of an exciting Draft strategy.