AuthorJosh Bennett

Having excelled at misanthrophy from an early age, Josh Bennett now studies Pure Mathematics at the University of Waterloo for a change of pace. He practices his former art by writing for Star City under the name of OneManCrowd. His hobbies include arrogance, industrial music and equivocation. Address him with the informal 'OMC' to enter the closest thing to his Good Books.

The Tarantino Dilemma: Pulp!

In a way I hate to see the end of this dilemma series. I mean, sure, I’ve been getting the butt-end of most of them, but who doesn’t love an underdog?

Sleepwalking With The Red Cards

The words that hit my brain tell me that whoever’s on the other end of the phone needs me to tell them something, so that things can be made”ready” for whatever it is I’m doing today. I’d really like to give them some creative profanity instead, but it’s early and I’ve practically forgotten how to talk. I hear my gravel-and-salt voice scrape together five words:”Bring me The Red Cards.”

Short Stack Of Chicago

The universe has been putting itself to extremes for me.  Usually it contents itself with making things awful, which lets me counteract whatever misery I suffer by telling the world at large.  One of the benefits of this column has been that it provides exactly the forum I need, letting me dole out on you,…

My Chthonic Bathroom

There’s some Magic stuff, but mostly I’ve been dreaming unspeakable dreams in my sub-oceanic crypt outside of time. ***** BEGIN ARTICLE ***** If you called me an easygoing guy, I wouldn’t be at pains to disagree. So when my landlord dropped by two weeks ago to give me the news of a week’s worth of…

Well, They Might As Well Be Zombies

This week’s been one of those where forces around you put aside their differences and concentrate on sabotaging your fun. The worst part is that it has happened insidiously. Everyone around me is rediscovering an interest in Magic. Still more terrifying is how smart they all are. I ask Adam for a prediction of the…