AuthorJonathan Rosum

Jonathan Rosum has been grinding the SCG Tour ever since he signed onto Team Lotus Box. Jonathan has several Open Top 8s, a Classic win, and a Pro Tour appearance under his belt. When he is not playing Magic, Jonathan can be seen on stage performing whenever he gets the chance.

6 Decks For 2 Formats!

SCG Tour star Jonathan Rosum is on his way to SCG CON to battle for the Invitational title! So which decks have the best shot at taking the main event? The answer is here!

The Guide To New Jeskai

Rosum knows Humans and he knows Jeskai. Boy is this a metagame for him! Get the full guide to the best control deck for SCG Minneapolis!

The Guide To Modern Humans

It took three heads to do it, but Jonathan Rosum and his teammates took home SCG Dallas! Rosum piloted Humans, rather than his usual Jeskai build, and that made all the difference! Here’s his recommendations for SCG Philadelphia!

Your Guide To Modern Jeskai Mastery

SCG Tour grinder and Lotus Box-sponsored player Jonathan Rosum makes his StarCityGames.com debut! His insights into Jeskai Control are required reading for Modern players heading into SCG Baltimore!